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The Retail Analytics Landscape: 
Choosing the best tech for counting customers

About The Webinar

When it comes to measuring store shopper trends, it can seem like there are no simple answers. The tech landscape for retail analytics solutions is crowded, making it difficult to clarify what’s noise and what will actually deliver value to your organization and therefore your customers. 

  • How to define accuracy

  • How different people counting technologies work

  • How we developed our solution 

  • What to ask a solution provider before purchasing

  • Why what you measure matters

Mike Lyons is a Senior Engineer who’s been at Dor since the beginning. He is driven by solving interesting problems and has a relentless curiosity that powers everything he does. Having built the brains of Dor from scratch, Mike is now responsible for making sure our machine learning algorithm keeps getting more accurate and delivers higher value to our customers. Before Dor, he was an engineer at Apple.

Mike Lyons
Senior Software Engineer, Dor

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Joanna Rutter
Content Marketing Manager, Dor

As Content Marketing Manager, Joanna Rutter is responsible for empowering Dor’s audience with resources that inspire them to create meaningful in-store experiences. She’s glad to participate in retail’s larger conversation on how brick-and-mortar spaces can keep evolving to meet customers where they are. She has written for Verizon Wireless, Vend, Advancing Retail, Storefront and ASD Market Week, and her insights have appeared in Forbes, Shopify, Fit Small Business and RetailWire BrainTrust.

You deserve the truth about your options and what you need to truly succeed, so in this webinar, we’ll discuss: