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Actionable Data: 
3 things every retailer needs but 90% don't have

Why the only actionable data set is 100% of your stores

The data you gather increases massively in value the moment you cross 100% coverage of your stores. Without foot traffic data in every single location, you simply can't make informed decisions about the future of your business. In this webinar, Woody Schneider, Director of Sales, and Joanna Rutter, Content Marketing Manager, explore the dangers of sampling, or otherwise making fleet-wide decisions using only a subset of store data. Attendees will learn:

  • The 3 sources of foot traffic counting inaccuracy

  • The 3 essential metrics for all retailers

  • Real world examples: Customer case study

A consultative and technical sales leader with over 10 years of SaaS and Professional Services experience, Woody has a history of delivering enterprise results in a start-up environment. At Dor, Woody leads a team of account executives and sales representatives driven by the common goal of equipping retailers with the data they can't make decisions without.

Woody Schneider
Head of Sales, Dor

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Joanna Rutter
Content Marketing Manager, Dor

As Content Marketing Manager, Joanna Rutter is responsible for empowering Dor’s audience with resources that inspire them to create meaningful in-store experiences. She has written for Verizon Wireless, Vend, Advancing Retail, Storefront and ASD Market Week, and her insights have appeared in Forbes, Shopify, Fit Small Business and RetailWire BrainTrust.